Where are we at?

It’s been one year. One year since, while I was drinking my first morning coffee in the kitchen, I sent a message to Nicolas saying “hey, you know what, I’ve got a crazy idea”.

And a lot happened in one year. While I sometimes feel frustrated because we are not doing as fast as I’d like, when I look back, we’ve accomplished a lot already!

1/ We’ve sold our small appartment in the French Southern Alps. I must admit I was quite sad about it, but as a friend said, small sacrifice for a great project.

2/ We’ve bought a camper van, equiped it and started to tour the Avignon area to visit some houses where we could settle in.

3/ We’ve become amateur digital nomads. While we both are working remotely, we now try and leave our apparment in Nice and work from anywhere from our camper van (at least during school holidays). At the time being, we’re in a beautiful place called Caix, near the river Lot, on a RV area from where we will work until 4pm, before leaving for our next stop.

4/ We’ve met a lot of very interesting people, especially from Vaucluse Provence Attractivité, the agency for development and economic promotion of the Vaucluse département. They introduced us to several people in charge of development in different municipalities. They are really dedicated to their mission, and we really feel supported.

5/ We’ve got plenty of help from friends and family, and managed to build our project presentation and our business plan thanks to their very accurate inputs. From the architecture to the business plan, from the pricing to the marketing, we are more than ready to defend our project in front of banks, local administrations and partners!

6/ We’ve visited several beautiful houses, one of them was a gem where we could have settled in quickly, but unfortunately in a “green area”, meaning no business could run there, except if we were farmers (and we don’t aim to grow cows or ducks, we want to grow ideas and people ;)). We’re currently running an “avis de recherche“, in French, which you can share to your network, you might know someone who know someone who… 🙂

That’s all, folks, and that’s already a lot. Next step is Avignon, where we will work from next week, while trying to visit some estate and find the perfect place to have you come and work!

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